You know we’re going to ask, so why not develop the habit now? Yep, we’re talking about flossing. It really is worth your time. You’re in there brushing anyway, so spend the few extra minutes it takes to floss and reap the benefits. Here’s why:

  1. Flossing covers areas your toothbrush doesn’t. Brushes are designed to clean the tops and side of your teeth and get somewhat into the nook and crannies. But flossing is specifically for the areas between teeth that brushes can’t get to. You need to get the plaque and bits of food that build up in there.
  2. It will freshen your breath. Imagine all the particles that get caught in between teeth. What do you think happens if you leave them there? Yep, you guessed it. They can cause decay and bad breath. Before you pucker up under the mistletoe this holiday season, start flossing. Really.
  3. You’ll prevent more serious disease. There are more and more studies showing that a healthy mouth can correlate to a healthier body overall. Flossing really is a small price to pay for good overall health, don’t ya think?
  4. You can make your brushing more effective. Did you know that flossing before you brush your teeth can actually improve the effect of brushing all together? It’s true! With less plague caught in the spaces between teeth, the fluoride from your toothpaste can creep in and offer that extra layer of protection. Win, win!
  5. You’ll protect your gums. Flossing does more than just protect teeth. It can keep your gums healthy, as well. Preventing tartar buildup also prevent red, swollen gums that often lead to gum disease.
  6. You’ll save money. Ok, so you won’t see coins magically dropping into your piggy bank, but over time, those who floss generally have fewer dental bills to face than those who don’t. Good brushing and flossing habits are the most cost-effective tools for protecting oral health.
  7. You’ll hang onto your youth longer. Flossing helps maintain the height of the bone in your jaw by keeping gums and teeth healthier. This allows you to keep that perfectly aesthetic smile and bone structure, which provides you with a more youthful look.

Come visit Austin Family Dental for your next checkup. We’ll send you home with a new toothbrush and container of floss. And if you could use some tips on flossing techniques, we can brush you up on that while you’re here, too.