When you’re reminding yourself about your New Year’s resolutions this year, don’t forget about your teeth. You don’t usually think about your teeth and resolutions? Well, why not? We’ve got four mouth-friendly goals for you to set in 2017.

Get Checkups Every Six Months

Feel like seeing us twice a year is too much? We promise it’s not and that you’ll reap major benefits from regular checkups. At each visit, your dental hygienist will deep clean your teeth. This includes removing stubborn tartar and plaque, and polishing your teeth with professional dental equipment. Even if you floss and brush daily, you won’t be able to remove all of the build-up on your own. Your dental check-ups play an essential role in keeping cavity and decay causing build-up at bay. Your dentist will examine your x-rays, gums, and teeth, as well as your face, neck, lymph nodes and jaw muscles to identify any issues as early as possible. This will save you from more serious dental complications and the associated costs.

Achieve Whiter Teeth

Our whitening services can get you on track to a whiter, brighter smile. But if you opt for this service, why not resolve to maintain your pearly whites throughout the year? Avoiding teeth-staining drinks, abstaining from smoking or chewing tobacco and avoiding acidic foods are great places to start.

Tackle Dental Chair Anxiety

We’ve mentioned before that we know we’re not everyone’s favorite place to visit, but we love to see you! We’re well aware of what our services can do to keep your oral health in tip top shape, and seeing us regularly provides you the healthiest mouth possible. Resolve this year not to let anxiety get the best of you or prevent you from getting your regular dental care. Try some of our ideas from this October blog to start relaxing.

Practice Better Hygiene

Make 2017 the year you really do brush after every meal, instead of just intending to. And resolve to floss daily. These two daily activities are the best way to keep cavities and infections at bay. Check out our blogs for brushing techniques and benefits and lots of reasons to floss.

At Austin Family Dental, we want you and your mouth to have your healthiest year yet. Make 2017 the year we partner up to tackle your oral hygiene and prevent problems before they happen! Call us today to start the year off right with a checkup.