But, even more importantly than having fun, they do some seriously great work. I think Dr Austin has the “best hands” of any dentist that I have ever experienced. I’ve got a mouthful of very old silver fillings that he is removing as they age and replacing them with the white material. They obeyed my request for a non-toxic removal of amalgam, and for overall non-toxic dentistry. It’s a HAPPY PLACE with a positive vibe! That makes me relax more and takes away much of my natural fear of dentistry. I also signed up for their Smile Program which gives me some free services, as well as an overall discount on all work. What a deal! I’d go there anyway, but this is just more frosting on the cake! And speaking of cake, they give great advice for dental care, flossing, brushing and tooth and gum care! My gums were in bad shape when I started going there (about 10 years ago) but now the twice a year scaling and polishing has created healthy gums and better breath! They are honest, they offer very high-quality and modern dentistry, and they are patient friendly. I’m a lifetime customer!